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*Disclaimer: I look back at some of these early posts and am embarrassed. At the same time, I take this to be a good thing since it shows that I’ve continually grown as a person, a Christian, a thinker, and a writer. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mitigate the abundant immaturity, naivety, stupidity, and the like found in some, or many, of these posts. As readers I hope you will keep in mind that my life captured on this blog is very much a work-in-progress.

2006 – 2008

(12-9-06) Pro-Life: Before and After Birth
(12-11-06) I Choose to Believe Rocky V Never Happened
(5-5-07) Reevaluating Roman Catholicism
(5-11-07) Advocating Culturally Synchronistic Christianity: Problems with Systematic Theology as a Discipline
(7-21-07) Burned out by the Arminianism-Calvinism debate
(8-13-07) Rest in Peace, Nelson
(8-16-07) Choose ye this day which presuppositions ye shall serve
(9-16-07) Philip Yancey’s “Reaching for the Invisible God”
(9-30-07) Legalism: ALWAYS wrong?
(10-22-07) Finally coming to some answers
(10-22-07) Re-becoming an Evangelical
(10-25-07) A moderate perspective: immigration
(10-25-07) Introducing the “Well, I just think…” fallacy
(11-4-07) When was this supposed intellectual apex?
(12-1-07) Where’s the genre in the whole Old Earth/Young Earth Debate?
(1-24-08) My crazy new theory: Truth as a person
(1-25-08) A moderate perspective: the health care crisis
(3-2-08) Against Christians’ Participation in Politics: Pt. I
(3-2-08) Against Christians’ Participation in Politics: Pt. II
(3-2-08) Against Christians’ Participation in Politics: Pt. III
(3-2-08) Against Christians’ Participation in Politics: Pt. IV
(3-6-08) Iraqi democracy? These politicans need to take a history course
(3-29-08) Christians and Money: Pt. I
(3-29-08) Christians and Money: Pt. II
(3-29-08) Christians and Money: Pt. III
(4-6-08) The Scandal of the Evangelical Woman’s Mind
(4-23-08) a moderate perspective: gas prices
(5-10-08) Women as Pastors: Redefining the Pastorate
(5-17-08) Social Issues: Christians & Tattoos
(5-22-08) Bobby (the movie)
(5-30-08) From “Black and White” to “The Rabbit Hole”
(5-31-08) Growing Fundamentalism within Reformed Circles
(6-2-08) Relational Intellectualism
(6-4-08) Young Earth Creationism: a few important questions
(6-4-08) Post-Pax Americana and Changing Foreign Policy
(6-14-08) A moderate perspective: oil dependence
(6-19-08) The Toy Soldier Quandary: Philosophers and Theologians
(6-21-08) The Toy Soldier Quandary: Explanation and Imploration
(6-21-08) feasting vs. gluttony
(6-22-08) Murphee’s Law of Seatbelts
(6-23-08) The Church Can’t Manufacture Masculinity
(7-19-08) The Dark Knight: good but not great
(7-21-08) My Growing Distaste for Theology
(7-25-08) The iPod Generation: Killing the Faith Share
(7-25-08) Mark Heard: The First Musician I’ve Ever Related To
(7-25-08) Theology: Great Discipline, Terrible Academic Culture
(7-25-08) “Everybody Loves a Holy War” by Mark Heard
(8-15-08) Reflections on Christians and Politics: conservative/liberal
(8-15-08) Reflections on Christians and Politics: “biblical”
(8-15-08) Reflections on Christians and Politics: Taxes = Stealing ?
(8-15-08) Reflections on Christians and Politics: Christians in Society
(8-15-08) Reflections on Christians and Politics: Our Fallible Constitution
(8-15-08) Reflections on Christians and Politics: Political Segregation
(8-15-08) Reflections on Christians and Politics: Conservatives, God, and $
(8-15-08) Reflections on Christians and Politics: The Founding Fathers Were Deist, Not Christian
(8-15-08) Reflections on Christians and Politics: Third Parties
(8-15-08) Reflections on Christians and Politics: Voting for Mormons
(8-15-08) Reflections on Christians and Politics: Conclusions
(8-21-08) A Christian in Favor of Abolishing “In God We Trust”
(8-30-08) New Orleans should not be rebuilt
(8-30-08) truth and love
(10-27-08) My Pain: From Younger Brother to Only Child


(1-26-09) The Merchandising of a President
(1-27-09) Palin’s Supposed Mistreatment by the Media
(1-29-09) Younger Evangelicals and the Pro-Life Movement
(1-29-09) Don’t Forget About Palestinian Christians
(2-7-09) My Theory of “One-Siders” and “Two-Siders”
(2-15-09) The Truth Project’s Errant Conception of History
(5-24-09) Evangelicalism Series – Part I: Why folks don’t like the term anymore
(5-31-09) Attempting to Reconcile the Beatitudes with American Society
(6-3-09) Enough with the Perpetual Blind Eye: Baseball, Steroids, and Journalistic Standards
(6-7-09) Movie Review: We Were Soldiers
(6-17-09) Packing Away Old Books
(6-22-09) LeBron’s Knees
(6-24-09) Honest Thoughts About Ordinary Spiritual Gifts
(6-28-09) Michael Jackson: Part I
(6-28-11) Michael Jackson: Part II
(6-29-09) A Challenge: Model Another Way
(7-3-09) Concerns About Conservative Evangelicals in Politics
(7-6-09) Debunking the Fourth: Top 10 Unsightly Facts about the American Revolution
(7-7-09) The Godfather Provokes Questions about Loyalty
(7-9-09) The Scandal of the Evangelical Woman’s Mind (reposted)
(7-16-09) Musings on Baseball
(7-18-09) An Alternative Solution to the Health Care Crisis (reposted)
(7-20-09) 14 Major Flaws in Transformers 2
(7-20-09) Fun with Fundamentalists: So, I Got Charged with Having A “Low View of Scripture”…
(7-25-09) Yes, I Think About Ecclesiology. No, I Am Not Bored.
(7-25-09) Women as Pastors: Redefining the Pastorate
(7-28-09) My 22 Essential Criteria for Committing to a Local Church
(8-11-09) Depressed and Anxious
(8-14-09) Feeling Old at 24
(8-27-09) Breaking the Depression: Trying a New Approach to My Future
(8-30-09) Ted Kennedy’s Letter to the Pope
(9-3-09) The Difference between History and Philosophy
(9-4-09) I Think I’m a Postfoundationalist, Evangelical Christian
(9-7-09) Movie Review: Funny People
(9-12-09) Why Do I Write So Much? Part I – Worshiping God with My Mind
(9-14-09) Why Do I Write So Much? Part II – Limitations of Conversation
(9-15-09) Why Do I Write So Much? Part III – Trying to be understood
(9-22-09) How do ya love fundamentalists?
(9-27-09) Was Christ’s Model to Abstain from the Political Realm?
(10-11-09) Book Review: Jim’s Wallis’ “God’s Politics”
(10-22-09) I’m Not Losing My Faith Because I Like Bill Maher’s Religulous
(10-23-09) A Theory about the Duncan-era Spurs
(10-24-09) Movie Review: The Boondock Saints
(10-25-09) The Perfect Metaphor for My Faith
(10-27-09) Mark Driscoll
(10-27-09) Professor Claytor and TFC, Rob Bell is neither a heretic nor a universalist – Part I
(10-27-09) Professor Claytor and TFC, Rob Bell is neither a heretic nor a universalist – Part II
(10-30-09) Professor Claytor and TFC, Rob Bell is neither a heretic nor a universalist – Part III
(11-6-09) Irony in Germany: Capitalism’s Berlin Wall
(11-12-09) How to Kill Your Credibility: Step 1) Cite Sarah Palin as a Brilliant Woman…
(11-16-09) Exegesis of Facebook Comments, Holistic Christianity, and the Importance of Hermeneutics
(11-18-09) Evangelicalism: I Finally Get It! (Swany, I hate you)
(11-20-09) “How can he be a dude and be God?”: Getting Outside of the Christian Bubble
(11-24-09) What Do I Value?
(11-28-09) Dear Abby, Is it possible to be a great academic and a great husband/father? Help!
(12-7-09) Inspired but non-canonical… Say what now?
(12-12-09) On the Absurdity of “Reformed Theology” and “Calvinism” (Please note the quotation marks)
(12-16-09) The Inverse Ratio Chiropractor Theory
(12-17-09) A Proposal for the Regulation of Status Updates
(12-19-09) A Relationship with God?
(12-27-09) An Open Letter to President Obama
(12-29-09) Top 10 Reasons I’m Switching to the NRSV


(1-5-10) On the Authority of “The Authorities”
(1-8-10) So… I don’t know how to read, Part I
(1-8-10) Does God Ever Cause Sickness?
(1-9-10) So… I don’t know how to read, Part II
(1-11-10) So… I don’t know how to read, Part III
(1-14-10) So… I don’t know how to read, Part IV
(1-14-10) Christians, Please Give to Help Haiti!
(1-19-10) Can Someone Recommend a Book Advocating Pro-Gay Christianity?
(1-20-10) Irony from the Week
(1-29-10) Why I Reject Augustinian Original Sin (and You Should, Too), Part I
(2-4-10) Why I Reject Augustinian Original Sin (and You Should, Too), Part II
(2-14-10) Why I Reject Augustinian Original Sin (and You Should, Too), Part III
(2-17-10) Why I Reject Augustinian Original Sin (and You Should, Too), Part IV
(3-3-10) Driscoll on Feminine Church Culture
(3-5-10) The Insanity of Acquiring a Taste for Beer
(3-6-10) The Insanity of Acquiring a Taste for Beer, Part II
(3-7-10) So… I don’t know how to read, Part V
(3-8-10) Discussion of Dietrich Bonhoeffer on WRAF
(3-12-10) History, Sociology, Health Care; Personal Frustration
(3-15-10) Movie Review: Valkyrie
(3-24-10) A Christian Perspective on the Health Care Overhaul
(4-1-10) Politically Divided but United as the Body of Christ
(4-7-10) C.S. Lewis, Our ADHD Culture, Anglicanism, Eucharist & the White Vandellas, Trite Evangelicalism, the anti-TBN, and the Path Forward
(4-13-10) An essay that was presented to Dr. Burris’ Psalms & Proverbs class
(4-19-10) Is there historical precedent for Sola Scriptura?
(4-28-10) Embracing Labels? Musings on Communication, Psychology, Sociology, Theology, and Much Else
(4-30-10) Mini Blog #1: Slackers
(5-4-10) Mini Blog #2: Consistency
(5-8-10) Mini Blog #3: Pansy
(5-11-10) Musing on Conservatives’ Perception of the Poor
(5-12-10) Mini Blog #4: Irony (Constitutional Interpretation)
(5-13-10) Mini Blog #5: Immigration
(5-18-10) Mini Blog #6: Baylor
(5-20-10) Mini Blog #7: Blunders, Part I
(5-21-10) Mini Blog #8: Blunders, Part II
(5-25-10) Needed: Evangelicalism’s Jackie Robinson
(5-28-10) Mini Blog #9: Tongues
(5-31-10) Anti-Intellectualism Is More Than a Weakness
(6-2-10) Musings on History & Theology, Part I: Ahistorical Faith? Cyclical History?
(6-3-10) Who Was Greater: Kareem or Magic?
(6-6-10) How Do You Save a Seat? Geographically and Generationally Mapping a Custom
(6-7-10) Faith & Brew: The Story of How One Evangelical’s View on Alcohol Was Reframed
(6-8-10) Mini Blog #10: Epilogue
(6-10-10) Mini Blog #11: Discernmentarianism
(6-15-10) Miniblog #12: Imperfect Churches
(6-17-10) A Time for Everything: Musing on Abraham Lincoln
(6-19-10) Mini Blog #13: Tinkerbell
(6-25-10) Miniblog #14: Pilgrimage
(7-3-10) The Annual Debunking the Fourth Post: Top 10 Unsightly Facts about the American Revolution
(7-5-10) My Completion of the Canterbury Trail: An Introduction to the 25 Posts (Part I)
(7-5-10) My Completion of the Canterbury Trail: A Successful Pilgrimage (Part II)
(7-9-10) Mini Blog #15: Cleveland
(7-10-10) An Aspiring Author’s Frustration at the Impossibility of Capturing a Journey with a Snapshot
(7-13-10) Miniblog #16: Intelligent Idiots
(7-15-10) Mini Blog # 17: Pentecostals & Scripture
(7-15-10) Projection Screens in Churches: Musings on the Sign and the Thing Signified
(7-17-10) My Completion of the Canterbury Trail: My Journey (Part III-a)
(7-17-10) Orthodoxy & Adiaphora: Finding Grounding in the Church’s History (Canterbury Trail Series)
(7-20-10) Alister McGrath
(7-24-10) Truth through Narrative: The Reason Why Orthodoxy Is Essential
(7-25-10) Practical Reflections on Orthodoxy
(7-27-10) A Crisis of Faith: Learning to Worship God with My Mind (Canterbury Trail Series)
(8-4-10) 3 Political Thoughts from 3-Minute Video
(8-8-10) The Sky is Falling! Why American Christians Need a Dose of Christian Realism
(8-10-10) A Relationship with God? (Canterbury Trail Series)
(8-10-10) Miniblog #18: Newsflash: Baseball has long seasons
(8-18-10) The University Church: The Local Body That Restored My Hope for the Church (Canterbury Trail Series)
(8-19-10) Miniblog #19: Predictions
(8-23-10) My Completion of the Canterbury Trail: My Journey (Part III-f)
(8-25-10) Special Effects in Film
(9-4-10) Musing on Hipster Faith
(9-10-10) Miniblog #20: Conviction
(9-12-10) Miniblog #21: Sacramental Theology
(9-12-10) Miniblog #22: Spiritual Warfare
(9-14-10) My Completion of the Canterbury Trail: My Journey (Part III-g)
(9-17-10) My Completion of the Canterbury Trail: My Journey (Part III-h)
(9-19-10) Top 10 Reasons Why I Suppose American Christians are Converting to Islam
(9-25-10) Miniblog #23: Seminary
(9-25-10) Discernmentarianism: A Middle-Way Forward in the Gender Role Controversy
(9-26-10) Miniblog #24: New Ethics for the Information Age?
(9-28-10) Reading the Bible on a Desert Island
(9-29-10) Why Are There Priests in Christianity?
(9-30-10) Replay in Baseball
(10-4-10) Miniblog #25: Historic Parallels for 2011 Miami Heat?
(10-6-10) Miniblog #26: Recalibrating My Life
(10-17-10) 2 Weeks’ Worth of Assorted Thoughts
(10-27-10) Mini Blog #27: Heat-Celtics
(10-31-10) Mini Blog #28: Reformation Day
(11-4-10) Mini Blog #29: I ♥ Erasmus
(11-9-10) Mini Blog #30: Puritans
(11-10-10) Musing on Atheist Ministers
(11-11-10) Common Grace: Why I Don’t Affirm It
(11-19-10) Mini Blog #31: R.C. Sproul
(11-22-10) The Mystery of Divine Sovereignty & Human Responsibility: Brief Thoughts on Grudem, Kermit the Frog, Pinnock, Yancey & Theatre
(11-22-10) Mini Blog #32: Emic & Etic Perspectives
(11-28-10) A Primer on Open Theism
(11-30-10) Mini Blog #33: One Reason I Love History
(12-2-10) Miniblog #34: The Doctrine of Scripture – Part I (Introduction)
(12-3-10) Miniblog #35: The Doctrine of Scripture – Part II (Inspiration)
(12-4-10) D.A. Carson: The Theological Equivalent of Orlando Bloom
(12-5-10) Miniblog #36: The Doctrine of Scripture – Part III (Purpose)
(12-6-10) Miniblog #37: The Value of the Christian Calendar
(12-6-10) Contrary to Popular Belief, I Don’t Hate All Reformed Christians
(12-7-10) First Published Article
(12-8-10) Miniblog #38: Imperfection as a Blogger
(12-9-10) The Doctrine of Scripture – Part IV (Interpretation)
(12-9-10) (Book Review) Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional by Jim Belcher
(12-10-10) Ron Paul on the Deeper Significance of the Wikileaks Dump
(12-11-10) Musing on Jesus, Just War v. Pacificism, and Stanley Hauerwas
(12-12-10) Miniblog #39 – Via Media: The Beauty of Anglicanism’s Tension & Complexity
(12-13-10) Religion and American Culture by George Marsden
(12-13-10) Arizona Amerindian Coalition Endorses GOP Candidate
(12-14-10) Mondale Syndrome: Thoughts on Projecting One’s Political Beliefs
(12-15-10) Prioritizing Values: Tensions within the GOP
(12-15-10) The Man in Black: How I’ve Become a Fan of Johnny Cash
(12-16-10) Despising God: Meditations of a Non-Christian Sadist, or Inconsistency between John Piper’s Book and His Theology
(12-17-10) Stream of Consciousness: 10 Thoughts
(12-19-10) Miniblog #40: The Invention of Dispensationalism
(12-20-10) Theological Doublethink: Insight from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four
(12-20-10) Anglicans Are Disgusting: Thoughts on Chalice Sanitation
(12-21-10) Why the Reformed Obsession Over the ESV? (A Bible Translations Series, Part I of II)
(12-21-10) Miniblog #41: I ♥ Walker, Texas Ranger
(12-22-10) Miniblog#42: Nuclear Treaty with Russia
(12-23-10) Homosexuality, Society & the Church: 9 Reasons Why This Is Difficult (Part I of II)
(12-24-10) Pat Robertson Wants To Legalize Pot
(12-25-10) The Wonderful Breadth of Anglican Worship: Reflections on My First Christmas Eve Services
(12-26-10) Miniblog #43: An Apologetic Perspective on Church History
(12-27-10) Miniblog #44: I ♥ Anglican Liturgy
(12-28-10) Why I’ll Never Swim the Tiber
(12-28-10) Gnosticism in a Nutshell
(12-30-10) Praying the Psalms After Reading Yancey
(12-30-10) Miniblog #45: Understanding the Struggles of Younger Christians
(12-31-10) Homosexuality, Society & the Church: A Moderate Perspective (Part II of II)


(1-2-11) Miniblog #46: Love Amidst Disagreement
(1-3-11) Enough of This Highfalutin Academia… Let’s Get ‘er Done!
(1-4-11) Double Rainbow!
(1-4-11) Western Orthodoxy: The Unfinished Work of the Oxford Movement
(1-6-11) Theology & Political Philosophy: Reflecting on Libertarian Property Rights in Light of Genesis 1-3
(1-7-11) One Evangelical’s Response to the Eastern Orthodox View of Salvation
(1-8-11) Does God Ever Cause Sickness?
(1-9-11) I’m Not Down with Speculative History
(1-9-11) Personal Struggle: Reconciling Grace with the “Weaker Brother”
(1-10-11) CA Supreme Court OKs Warrantless Search of Text Messages
(1-11-11) The Aftermath of the Arizona Shooting: How to Reach Out to Conservatives
(1-12-11) Miniblog #47: Being A Moderate
(1-13-11) Miniblog #48: Anglican Schismatics
(1-14-11) Miniblog #49: AZ Funeral Protesting Law
(1-14-11) N.T. Wright on Sacramental Theology
(1-15-11) Miniblog #51: Godfather 3, The Phantom Menace
(1-16-11) No More “Age of the Earth” Debates. Thanks, John Walton.
(1-18-11) Miniblog #52: Dwight Howard’s Supposed Offensive Improvement
(1-20-11) Musings on U.S. Military Propaganda
(1-22-11) Miniblog #53: Need Suggestions for a Bi-Weekly Column
(1-22-11) Miniblog #54: Breaking Down the Best-Worst Music Video Ever
(1-23-11) A Tea Party Critic Who’ll (Probably) Support Their Candidate in 2012
(1-29-11) Kobe’s Knee and the Lakers’ Future
(1-30-11) The Frustration of Being Nocturnal
(2-5-11) C.S. Lewis, Perelandra, Sacraments & Dustin Gardy
(2-6-11) Cathartic Post: Not All Conservatives Are Created Equally
(2-7-11) Weave or Roof: When Misplaced Priorities Cause Poverty
(2-12-11) The Key to Marriage
(2-13-11) Mark Driscoll: Commendations, Concerns, and Criticisms (update)
(2-17-11) Miniblog #55: Technosoteriology
(2-19-10) Straight Talk About the National Debt: What Conservatives & Liberals Don’t Want to Admit
(2-23-11) Senator Scott Brown: A Republican I Like
(2-27-11) An Open Letter to Justin Taylor Regarding His Condemnation of Rob Bell
(3-1-11) Bad Prayers: What Do You Do with Them?
(3-2-11) Miniblog #56: My Wish for the Neo-Reformed Movement
(3-3-11) Miniblog #57: A Powerful Testimony from within the Neo-Reformed Movement
(3-5-11) Miniblog #58: I ♥ Anglicanism’s Global Orientation
(3-6-11) A Prayer for Jonathan Pound and His Loved Ones
(3-7-11) Miniblog #59: Thoughts on J.I. Packer
(3-8-11) When Grace Collides
(3-9-11) Dear Adam McHugh, “You’re killing me, Smalls!”
(3-13-11) Priestly Terminology (Part I of II): I Now Accept the Anglican “Priesthood”
(3-15-11) Original Languages, Translations, Gender Roles & Genesis 2:18
(3-20-11) Priestly Terminology (Part II of II): What About Calling a Priest “Father”?
(3-26-11) A Cordial Response to Rachel Held Evans’ Post “The Future of Evangelicalism”
(3-27-11) Dear Conservatives, Stop Trying to Define Evangelicalism Theologically
(3-29-11) Miniblog #60: Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, Vanilla Ice & Ducks
(3-31-11) Miniblog #61: Light & Dark, Creation & Crucifixion
(4-2-11) Interacting with a Baptist Press Article on Rob Bell & Love Wins
(4-7-11) Francis Schaeffer on Rob Bell
(4-8-11) Abandoning Evangelicalism? The Problem with the Underlying Cultural Values
(4-9-11) John Piper on Spousal Abuse
(4-11-11) What is the Essence of Anglicanism; or What, Exactly, is Required for Anglicanness?
(4-12-11) A Cordial Political & Theological Rebuttal to Shane Claiborne’s Letter to the IRS
(4-14-11) Miniblog #62: George McFly, the Reason I’m Not a Pacifist
(4-17-11) Evangelical But Not Fundamentalist? A Proposal for New Nomenclature
(4-22-11) From Augustine to Warfield: One Anglican’s Dislike of (Most) Western Theology
(4-23-11) Does Christianity Have A Future? (BBC Documentary)
(4-24-11) Eastern Reflections: Canterbury, Consumerism & Tradition
(4-25-11) Johnny Cash: Ain’t No Grave
(4-26-11) Stars in the Margins: D.H. Williams Quotes on Evangelicals & Tradition
(4-29-11) Complementarian Advertising
(4-30-11) Hitler Finds Out About His Philosophy Grad School Applications
(5-2-11) Reflections on Osama bin Laden’s Death
(5-8-11) Rob Bell’s Early Church Claims: A Patristics Student Assesses Their Veracity
(5-10-11) Miniblog #63: Christopher Hitchens on Friendship
(5-12-11) Learning Disability & the Dark Night of the Soul: Accepting, Overcoming, Revisioning
(5-14-11) A Moderate Evangelical’s Assessment of ‘Love Wins’
(5-16-11) An Unusual Anglican Church: Where Shall We Then Plant?
(5-20-11) An Unusual Anglican Church: Intentional Theological Diversity?
(5-23-11) An Unusual Anglican Church: Hold Up, It Will Meet in a House?
(5-24-11) Video: N.T. Wright on Bell & Hell
(5-25-11) President Obama Betrayed Israel?
(5-26-11) Miniblog #64: The Both/And Nature of Anglican Eccesiology
(5-27-11) Surveying the Link between Apostolic Succession and the Sacraments
(5-31-11) Miniblog #65: The Trouble with Morality in a Democratic Society
(6-1-11) Secret Agent Man
(6-2-11) What Hath Caesar to Do with Jesus? Reflections on Church-State Models
(6-4-11) San Francisco’s Proposed Ban Stirs Jewish & Christian Cultural Memory
(6-6-11) An Open Letter to J.A. Adande Concerning LeBron James’ Supposed Unfair Criticism
(6-9-11) Miniblog # 66: Reflecting on Political Correctness
(6-11-11) Praise & Worship Parodies: The Heart of Dispensationalism
(6-13-11) Praise & Worship Parodies: Drowning in Sorrow
(6-19-11) Miniblog #67: Episcopalian, but Christian?
(6-22-11) Is Daily Scripture Reading Ever a Bad Idea?
(6-24-11) One Anglican’s Ode to Anabaptists… Sort of
(6-25-11) Miniblog #68: A Former Pentecostal Muses on the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”
(6-29-11) Top 20 Quotes on Nationalism & Patriotism
(7-2-11) Debunking the Fourth: Top 10 Unsightly Facts about the American Revolution
(7-4-11) Independence Day: Five Moderate Thoughts
(7-6-11) Miniblog #69: Why I Balk at the “Christian Nation” Myth
(7-7-11) Miniblog #70: Is American Evangelicalism’s Culture “Shifting” Rather Than “Changing”?
(7-10-11) Miniblog #71: The Bible is “Man-Made”
(7-11-11) Ecclesiastical Authority: The Bible, Hermeneutics & Apostolic Tradition (Miniblog #72)
(7-12-11) The Bible is “Man-Made,” Part II
(7-13-11) Needing Discipleship
(7-15-11) Dear Blogging Christians, Dare to be Different
(7-17-11) Uneasy Bedfellows: Finding a Home in Two Conflicting Theological Movements
(7-18-11) Faith & Politics: Eagleton & Eisen Discuss the Radicalism of the New Testament
(7-18-11) Evangelical ≠ Neo-Fundamentalist (Miniblog #73)
(7-19-11) Evangelical Flagellation: Kickin’ It for Jesus
(7-20-11) An Unusual Anglican Church: You’re Doing Away with “Doing Discipleship”?
(7-21-11) An Unusual Anglican Church: How We’ll Make True Disciples
(7-22-11) Dark Girls
(7-23-11) The NFL Lockout: Calling Out ESPN & Football Fans
(7-25-11) The Virtue of Principled Compromise: Brief Thoughts on the Debt Ceiling Crisis
(7-26-11) D.A. Carson & John Piper on the Role of Historical-Cultural Context in Preaching
(7-27-11) Alister McGrath: How Christians Relate to the World
(7-28-11) Miniblog #74: Conservative Christians Are No Better Than Liberal Christians
(7-29-11) Netiquette Training: Addressing the Problem of Online Abuse by Clergy
(7-30-11) I’m Very Human: A Post of Spiritual and Psychological Transparency
(8-1-11) Senator Rubio (R): “Save the Whole House or It Will All Burn Down”
(8-1-11) Those Silly Credobaptists & Paedobaptists: They’re Spitting Images of One Another!
(8-2-11) I’m Telling You for the Last Time: My Reformed Theology Credentials
(8-6-11) Americans: Living in Disneyland Without Recognizing It (Miniblog #75)
(8-9-11) God’s Purposes in the UK Riots
(8-13-11) I ♥ Anglicanism Because It’s Not Part of the “Purity Movement”
(8-14-11) The Schaeffer-Bachmann Link
(8-17-11) Gospel Coalition (Reformed) Blogger on the Importance of the Creeds & Councils
(8-19-11) Rob Bell on Ministry, Burn Out & Rest
(8-20-11) No, I’m Not Optimistic About the Future of Evangelicalism, But I Am Hopeful
(8-24-11) An Unusual Anglican Church: You’re Not Trying to Produce Anglicans?
(8-25-11) Miniblog #76: Wishing There Was Another Term Besides “Charismatic”
(8-28-11) Miniblog #77: When Christians Forsake the Assembling of Themselves Together
(8-29-11) Miniblog #78: Trying A New Strategy for My Learning Disability
(8-31-11) Seeking Feedback: Writing A Paper on the Relationship Between the New Covenant & Baptism
(9-6-11) Stream of Consciousness Response: Kevin DeYoung’s “Those Tricksy Biblicists,” Part I
(9-9-11) Stream of Consciousness Response: Kevin DeYoung’s “Those Tricksy Biblicists,” Part 2
(9-10-11) Miniblog #79: Responding to Saucy’s “Canon as Tradition” on The Gospel Coalition
(9-11-11) 9/11
(9-13-11) Miniblog #80: The Problem with “Building Community” in Most Churches
(9-14-11) Miniblog #81: Petrified By God
(9-18-11) Miniblog #82: Three Thoughts on Roger Olson’s ‘Against Calvinism’
(9-19-11) Miniblog #83: Just War vs. Pacifism in Childhood
(9-26-11) Welcome to My New Blog
(9-27-11) Miniblog #84: Is Christianity Today Full of Fluff That Makes People Dumber?
(10-1-11) Musing on Anglicanism, Just War, Capital Punishment & the 39 Articles
(10-2-11) A Consensus of Diversity: Proposing A Biblically Faithful and Historically Informed View for Anglican Baptism
(10-5-11) Miniblog #85: James Davidson Hunter, Mark Noll, and ‘One Nation Under God?’
(10-8-11) Miniblog #86: Calvin, Calvinism, Anglicanism & Original Sin
(10-12-11) An Unusual Anglican Church: Why Don’t You Want It Called A “Missional Community”?
(10-17-11) Miniblog #87: Can I Lose My Salvation?
(10-18-11) A Bible Translations Series: Which Translation Do I Prefer And Why? (Part II of II)
(10-21-11) Miniblog #88: Our Faith Demands That We Question Everything, Including Orthodoxy
(10-22-11) Miniblog #89: Our Faith Demands That We Question Everything, Part II
(10-25-11) Restoring the Gospel
(10-27-11) Hey, Carson: Any Thoughts on Christians’ Participation in Halloween?
(10-30-11) Miniblog #90: In Appreciation of Walter Brueggemann
(10-31-11) The Second Annual Reformation Day Miniblog
(11-8-11) What Is A Protestant? (It’s More Complicated Than You Might Think)
(11-16-11) A Dyslexic’s Musings on Most Seminaries’ Biblical Languages Requirement
(11-19-11) N.T. Wright: What Makes You Angry?
(11-22-11) What Really Matters: Jesus or Thinking? (Miniblog #91)
(11-25-11) Defining the Culture of Baylor University
(11-30-11) 5th Retired Topic: Arminian-Calvinist Debates (Miniblog #92)
(12-2-11) Dear Old Earth Creationists, Stop Imposing Science Upon the Bible
(Temporarily deleted)
(Temporarily deleted)
(12-11-11) N.T. Wright at Moody Bible Institute
(12-13-11) Miniblog #94: I ♥ Anglicanism’s Biblical Saturation
(12-16-11) The Late Christopher Hitchens as a Strange Sort of Kindred Spirit
(12-19-11) Sermon #1: Luke 1.26-38
(12-23-11) I ♥ Anglicanism’s Decentralized Power
(12-30-11) N.T. Wright: What is Purgatory?


(1-2-12) Mark Noll: Seeking Peace in the Warfare Between Science and Theology
(1-3-12) Supersede Canterbury? Musing on the Future of Global Anglican Polity
(1-5-12) Old Question: Was Calvin a Calvinist?
(1-10-12) Miniblog #95: What Sort of Anglican is N.T. Wright?
(1-15-12) An Open Letter to Kevin Kallsen of Anglican.TV
(1-17-12) Ticking Off Just About Everyone: Musings on Ron Paul, the Golden Rule & U.S. Foreign Policy
(1-22-12) Miniblog #96: Reflecting on the Difference Between Reverence & Piety
(1-23-12) On the Hypocrisy of the Evangelical Right Toward Newt Gingrich (Miniblog #97)
(1-30-12) Miniblog #98: Should the President Be a Veteran?
(1-31-12) Female Deacons & Deaconesses in the Ancient Church (Cliffs Notes Version)
(2-1-12) Scale of 1-10: How Big of a Problem Is It That I Relate So Much to Oscar Wilde?
(2-4-12) Miniblog #99: There’s No Separating Theology from History & Culture
(2-12-12) Relearning Old Lessons: Pentecostalism, Anglicanism, Mysticism & Proverbs 26:11 (Miniblog #100)
(2-16-12) A Moderate View on the Filioque Controversy
(2-17-12) In Laymen’s Terms, Why on Earth Does the Filioque Controversy Matter?
(2-21-2012) Miniblog #101: Realizing Anew Just How Far I’ve Come
(2-26-2012) Anglican Polity: The Question of Ultimate Commitments Raised by AMiA’s Upheaval
(3-3-2012) Dumb Low Church Reasoning
(3-4-2012) OK, Fine, I Will Admit It. I Officially Dislike Systematic Theology
(3-8-2012) Miniblog #102: ACNA = Home
(3-10-2012) Miniblog #103: Thoughts on the Calvinists Meme
(3-13-2012) Stars in the Margins: Mark Noll Quotes from ‘Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind’
(3-19-2012) Six-Day Creationism Arose from a Seventh-Day Adventist in the 19th Century
(3-20-2012) Pastoral Musings: How Do You Untangle Thoughts & Feelings? (Miniblog #104)
(3-22-2012) Compelled to Be a Pastor: Piggybacking Off Rachel Held Evans’ “15 Reasons I Left Church”
(3-24-2012) The Eerie Evangelical Silence Over Trayvon Martin’s Murder
(3-27-2012) Opposed to Defense: Why I Don’t Defend My Church Tradition from Criticism
(3-28-2012) Natural Consequences or Unfortunate Abuses? Arminianism & Calvinism As Case Studies
(3-30-2012) Wrestling with Sacramental Theology
(3-31-2012) Miniblog #105: Pastoral Reflections on Standing for Compassion & Lament
(4-1-2012) Miniblog #106: Conservative Inconsistency on Zimmerman, Government & Media
(4-1-2012) Baylor University’s Civil Rights Tour: Hard Fought Words of Wisdom (Part I)
(4-5-2012) I Plead Guilty to Surrounding Myself with Like-Minded People
(4-6-2012) N.T. Wright: Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?
(4-7-2012) Miniblog #107: A Critical Spirit as a Good Thing?
(4-8-20102) Miniblog #108: Top 10 Things I’ll Miss About Our Minivan (*Please Note the Sardonic Tone)
(4-10-2012) Identifying My 15 Hot Buttons in Church
(4-15-2012) Why Can So Few See the Difference Between Being Challenged and Being Attacked, and What Can We Do About It?
(4-17-20102) Homiletical Reflections: Brutally Honest Observations About the 10 Types of Sermons (Part I)
(4-20-2012) The Pledge of Allegiance: Childhood vs. Adulthood (Miniblog #109)
(4-21-2012) The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion as a Centering Symphony: An Introductory Exploration of Anglican Prolegomena and Identity
(4-27-2012) Unbiblical: The Heart vs. Mind Dichotomy (Miniblog #110)
(5-1-12) Counseling: Finally Getting Help (Part I)
(5-8-12) Counseling: What Needs to Happen for This to be Successful for You? (Part II)
(5-10-12) Learning from a Wise Pastor: Reflections in Honor of Wally Glucklich Upon His Retirement
(5-13-12) Miniblog #111: 10 Life Lessons
(5-13-12) Miniblog #112: The Difference Between Simplification and Oversimplification
(5-16-12) Confused About North American Anglicanism? Trying to Concisely Make Sense of the Mess
(5-17-12) Magic & Bird: Who Was the Better Player?
(5-20-12) Miniblog #113: Applying the Body of Christ Analogy to Temperaments
(5-22-12) Miniblog #114: Walter Brueggemann’s Beautifully Subversive Re-Casting of the Old Testament
(5-27-12) Replying to Dr. Dale B. Martin’s Exegetical Treament of the NT “Homosexuality Passages”
(5-30-12) Miniblog #115: Tim Keller Gives Me Hope for Christian Apologetics
(6-3-12) Kingdom & Cross: The Forgotten Message of the Gospels (N.T. Wright)
(7-3-12) Debunking the Fourth: Top 10 Unsightly Facts about the American Revolution
(7-14-12) Honest Reflections on Joe Paterno and the Fallout from the Penn State Scandal
(7-23-12) My Myers-Briggs Type: Honest Reflections About Being an E/INTP
(7-25-12) Miniblog #116: I Just Lost My Last Vestige of Unblemished Hope for Humanity
(8-2-12) My Top 10 Favorite Rob Bell Quotes
(8-4-12) An Important Post: Coming Out in Opposition of American Civil Religion (Miniblog #117)
(8-6-12) Like Old Shoes: Why It’s A Good Thing I’ve Become Less Self-Aware of My Tradition
(8-7-12) Thinking on Facebook’s Trade-Offs
(8-10-12) Miniblog #118: On the Fine Line Between Criticism and Insult
(8-11-12) Why I’ll Never Swim the Bosphorus
(8-13-12) Narrowing the Critical Feedback: Learning to Not Give Most People the Benefit of the Doubt
(8-14-12) Musings from A Hardlining Moderate on the Argument to Moderation Fallacy
(8-19-12) Miniblog #119: Reflecting on Sin and the Consequences of Challenging the Status Quo
(8-21-12) Miniblog #120: Committed to Depoliticizing the American Church
(8-25-12) Make Lemonade or Find A Window? Trying to Discern Contempory Proverbs (Miniblog #121)
(8-26-12) Is Scripture Still Relevant Today? It’s More Complicated Than You Might Think (Miniblog #122)
(8-29-12) A Thoughtful Explanation of Why I Couldn’t Vote for a Mormon Presidential Candidate
(8-30-12) Historical Fidelity: A Call to Move Beyond Schaefferian Worldview Methodology
(9-1-12) An Addendum to “Why I Couldn’t Vote for a Mormon Presidential Candidate”
(9-2-12) What Is An Idealistic Realist? Defining and Describing a Major Life Philosophy
(9-3-12) How to Rightly Interpret the “Biblical Christianity or Political Conservatism” Meme
(9-4-12) Dear Mr. Conservative Radio Host: Why Don’t You Accurately Represent Both Sides?
(9-7-12) Democratic Party: The Big Tent of Inclusion, Open-Mindedness, Civility & Tolerance? (Miniblog #123)
(9-8-12) Seize the Infants, Dash Them Against the Rocks: Is There A Time for Imprecatory Prayers?
(9-10-12) Four Types of Difficult Situations: Annoying, Frustrating, Contentious & Dysfunctional (Miniblog #124)
(9-12-12) Miniblog #125: A Christ-like Response to the Tragedy in Libya
(9-13-12) Miniblog #126: Scrutiny Is the Price Americans Pay for Our Affluence, Power & Influence
(9-16-12) Miniblog #127: No Longer Seeing God as A Sort of Divine Muppet Master Following “The Plan”
(9-18-12) A Theory About Different Types of Mysticism
(9-19-12) Miniblog #128: Comedy’s Value, English Culture & John Cleese’s Satirizing of Extremism
(9-22-12) Top 10 Reasons I’m Not Anglo-Catholic
(9-23-12) Miniblog #129: It’s Funny How I’m Still Responding to My Pentecostal Background
(9-29-12) Miniblog #130: When Will It Sink in That I Don’t Like Most Specifically Western Theology?
(10-1-12) Miniblog #131: Why I’m Taking A Break from Studying Theology
(10-1-12) Miniblog #132: Searching for the Golden Mean of American Christianity
(10-3-12) A Hardlining Moderate Perspective on the First Obama-Romney Presidential Debate
(10-4-12) Miniblog #133: I’d Like to See Simon Cowell Moderate A Presidential Debate
(10-6-12) On the Difference Between: Child-like & Childish Faith (Miniblog #134)
(10-8-12) Musing on InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: Conflict, Avoidance, and Convicted Civility
(10-12-12) I Endorse This Message: A Clergyman Comments on Abortion, Romney & the Election
(10-13-12) Offering A Little Good-Natured Push Back on Behalf of Waco and Baylor
(10-17-12) America’s Christian Roots: An Interview of Historians Noll & Marsden (Miniblog #135)
(10-18-12) A Survey of My Non-Western View of Hell (Miniblog #136)
(10-21-12) Contemporary American Christianity: Fiscal, Political Moralistic Therapeutic Deism
(10-22-12) Miniblog #137: How Did I Break from the Fundamentalist, Pentecostal Republican Mold?
(10-26-12) Miniblog #138: The Three Reasons Why I’ll Be Turning in A Blank Ballot This Election
(10-28-12) Miniblog #139: How Churches Should Use Electronic Technology
(10-30-12) Healing People Heal People: Reflections on Why I Want to Start A Church (Miniblog #140)
(10-31-12) Appreciation, Reflection, Repentance, Prayer: The Third Annual Reformation Day Miniblog
(11-3-12) Miniblog #141: A Confession of Personal, Unintended Sin This Election Season
(11-4-12) A BBC Documentary All Christians Should Watch Before Voting for a Mormon Candidate
(11-5-12) I’ve Been An Idiot: Five Politically-Related Thoughts I Should’ve Made Clear Months Ago (Miniblog #142)
(11-5-12) I Don’t Think 1960 (Kennedy & Catholicism) Is Analogous to 2012 (Romney & Mormonism)
(11-6-12) Miniblog #143: Abraham Lincoln on Today’s Election
(11-8-12) Have I Picked and Choosed from Church Traditions Like They Were a Buffet?
(11-9-12) Miniblog #144: I Hate Faux Thinking
(11-11-12) Miniblog #145: My Perspective on the New Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby
(11-12-12) Miniblog #146: Mark Noll on the Christian American Concept
(11-15-12) Miniblog #147: Why I’ve Been Sucking at Life and What I’m Going to Do About It
(11-18-12) Miniblog #148: According to NPR, I Don’t Have a “Relationship with God”
(11-20-12) Miniblog #149: I’ve No Good Answers for How to Replace a “Relationship with God”
(11-21-12) Honestly, My Faith Is Doing Just Fine Without a “Personal Relationship with God”
(11-24-12) Miniblog #150: Do I Affirm the Necessity of a Born Again Experience?
(11-25-12) On the Difference Between: Nuancing & Nitpicking (Miniblog #151)
(11-25-12) Miniblog #152: Initial Thoughts on Intentionally Living with Simplicity
(11-26-12) Miniblog #153: Both Conservatives & Liberals Tend to Misunderstand Human Nature
(11-28-12) Amidst an Affirmation of Women’s Ordination, N.T. Wright Explains Why I’m Not a Progressive (Miniblog #154)
(12-5-12) Miniblog #155: Something Is Terribly Wrong with the “Jesus Is My Boyfriend” Genre
(12-7-12) Scripture’s Paradox: Extraordinarily Simple & Profoundly Complex (Miniblog #156)
(12-8-12) Reading Romans 12:18 in Light of Christ’s Life in the Gospels (Miniblog #157)
(12-9-12) Where I Stand on Women’s Ordination (Hint: I’m An Equal Opportunity Instigator)
(12-10-12) Miniblog #158: Seeking Some Critical Feedback on My Rhetorical Strategy
(12-10-12) Move on from TEC: An Exhortation for Those in the Anglican Church in North America
(12-11-12) How & Why I Think As I Do: Here’s the Key to Understanding This Hardlining Moderate
(12-14-12) Greg Boyd: What If Violence Is Necessary to Protect a Loved One?
(12-14-12) Miniblog #159: What’s This Blog’s Purpose?
(12-15-12) Miniblog #160: Careful Reflections Concerning the Connecticut Tragedy
(12-17-12) Breaking the Cultural Wars Cycle: Commending & Critiquing Huckabee’s Shootings Comments
(12-18-12) Miniblog #161: Evangelism in Light of Church History’s Great and Ironic Tragedy
(12-19-12) Miniblog #162: What do people mean when they say, “God isn’t allowed in schools”?
(12-26-12) Nuancing My View That Christians Don’t Think: Using Christmas as an Example (Miniblog #163)
(12-31-12) Miniblog #164: The Little-Known Difference Between Biblical Humility & False Humility


(1-3-13) The Church and the Life of the Mind: Why Am I So Protective About This Issue? (Miniblog #165)
(1-5-13) A Cordial Rebuttal to Owen Strachan’s “Is Mark Noll Right? Is There No Evangelical Mind?”
(1-6-13) The Church and the Life of the Mind: Reflections on a Faithful Discourse of Inquiry
(1-8-13) The Church and the Life of the Mind: Why I Value Doubting and Questioning
(1-8-13) The Church and the Life of the Mind: Reflections on the Nature & Rationality of Faith (Miniblog #166)
(1-10-13) The End of the Dark Night of the Soul? Turning the Page in 2013 (Miniblog #167)
(1-13-13) The Reason Why I Tend Not to Casually Throw Out Biblical Quotations or References
(1-13-13) Miniblog #168: Top 10 Books That Have Most Profoundly Influenced Me
(1-15-13) Stars in the Margins: James Davison Hunter Quotes from ‘To Change the World’
(1-18-13) N.T. Wright on Worship Songs
(1-20-13) Greg Boyd on Gay Marriage
(1-21-13) Awkward: White Conservatives, Black Leaders, MLK Day & Obama’s Second Inauguaration (Miniblog #169)
(1-22-13) The Declaration of the Obvious: I’m Definitively Not Conservative (Miniblog #170)
(1-23-13) Miniblog #171: Calling Out Four Popular Tricks of the Faux Thinking Trade
(1-24-13) Miniblog #172: On the Vital Importance of Christians Practicing Gracious Confrontation
(1-26-13) Miniblog #173: American Women and Michelle Lelwica’s ‘The Religion of Thinness’
(1-27-13) Stars in the Margins: Philip Yancey Quotes from ‘Church: Why Bother?’
(1-28-13) Miniblog #174: Waco, TX as an Analogy for Why the Ecumenical Councils Need Renumbering
(2-2-13) Miniblog #175: How I’m Finally Getting My Prayer Life Together
(2-4-13) Miniblog #176: The Frustration of Being Better Online Than In-Person
(2-9-13) Conservative Christians: If You’re Going to Criticize Obama, at Least Do It Well (Miniblog #177)
(2-10-13) George Carlin’s Brilliant, Systematic Criticism of Language and Political Correctness
(2-11-13) There’s Only One Rev./Dr. Dan Orme: Forging a New Path into Ordained Ministry
(2-14-13) Miniblog #178: Learning Uncommon Decency as a Life Habit
(2-18-13) Attacks from within the Body of Christ: Reframing My Expectations for Hardship
(2-21-13) Why I Don’t Feel Like an Evangelical: Four Characteristics of Evangelical Culture (Part I)
(2-21-13) Why I Do Feel Like an Evangelical: Ten Themes of Evangelical Cultural History (Part II)
(3-31-2013) 10 Assorted Thoughts This Morning
(4-4-2013) Miniblog #179: Reflections on the Hallway Mentality of Mere Evangelicalism
(4-5-2013) Miniblog #180: Finally Coming to Appreciate “Means of Grace”
(4-6-2013) Miniblog #181: Mine is a christian perspective, not the Christian perspective.
(4-7-2013) Miniblog #182: Christians Tend Toward Inconsistency About Cultural Religions
(4-8-2013) Miniblog #183: A Sensible, Alternative Approach to the Gay Marriage Issue
(4-8-2013) Miniblog #184: Is Christianity a Religion?
(4-9-2013) Miniblog #185: My Life and Ministry Philosophy Regarding the Challenging of Sacred Cows
(4-9-2013) Miniblog #186: I Love Pastors Who Exercise That Prophetic Element
(4-10-2013) Top 10 Things I Love to Hear from Intellectually Honest, Humble Christians
(4-11-2013) Miniblog #187: I Find Selflessness to be a Difficult Virtue of Christianity
(4-13-2013) Personal Reflections Stemming from Brennan Manning’s Death
(4-13-2013) The Problem Isn’t Perfectionism; The Problem Is That I’ve Failed to Protect Myself
(4-16-2013) Miniblog #188: Why I’ve Sworn Off Anglican Blogs
(4-16-2013) Miniblog #189: The Unexpected Value of Westboro Baptist Church
(4-17-2013) Miniblog #190: A “Thank You!” and a “Go Away!”
(4-17-2013) Miniblog #191: Pet Theory About Generational Differences Among White, American Evangelicals
(4-19-2013) Thoughts on Ministry: I’m Wired to Do Careful Shooting, Not Be a Politician
(4-19-2013) Miniblog #192: Continental Protestantism and Its Heirs Are Ahistorical in Character
(4-21-2013) Miniblog #193: Where I See the True Measure of a Man 
(4-22-2013) Miniblog #194: It’s Lonely in the Center
(4-22-2013) Miniblog #195: Figuring Out How to Overcome My Anxiety
(4-24-2013) Miniblog #196: We Need to Use Orthodoxy, Adiaphora & Heresy with Precision
(4-24-2013) Miniblog #197: A Reflection on Psychological & Spiritual Health
(4-24-2013) Miniblog #198: What a Strange Time in American Church History
(4-25-2013) Miniblog #199: To Win the Thunder Should Trade Russell Westbrook
(4-25-2013) Reflections on the Value and Folly of Binary Categorization
(4-27-2013) Miniblog #200: I’ve Experienced Hope, Joy & Renewal in West, TX
(4-29-2013) Miniblog #201: Applying “Wise as a Serpent, Innocent as a Dove”
(5-1-2013) Am I Still an Anglican? Honestly, I Don’t Know.
(5-1-2013) A Call to Writing: Occasionally the Holy Spirit’s Leading Is Clear (Miniblog #202)
(5-5-2013) Stop Telling Me to Pipe Down: To the Core of My Being, I’m a Writer (Miniblog #203)
(5-5-2013) Why I’m Rebuilding Up from Mere Christianity: The Follow-Up to “Am I Still an Anglican?”
(5-8-2013) May Madness: A Bracket for My Search of a Church Home (Miniblog #204)
(5-9-2013) Responding to a Priest: The World Could Use More Anabaptists in Anglican Vestments
(5-11-2013) Miniblog #205: Wrestling with the Legal & Practical Inconsistencies Surrounding Abortion
(5-11-2013) I Seek Stability Not Resolution
(5-11-2013) Virtues & Vices: The Anglican Tradition’s Origins in Christendom (Miniblog #206)
(5-12-2013) Not the Narrative You’ve Been Told: The Other Origins of the Religious Right (Miniblog #207)
(5-13-2013) Church-State Reflections: Why I Couldn’t Have Been an English Anglican Until After WWII (Miniblog #208)
(5-14-2013) Miniblog #209: Coming to Believe All the More in Cross-Tradition Spiritual Formation
(5-15-2013) Submitting to Episcopal Oversight: Turns Out It’s a Perspectivist Issue (Miniblog #210)
(5-16-2013) Miniblog #211: Oh, Yeah! I Forgot I Have a Learning Disability
(5-17-2013) Miniblog #212: Thankful for InterVarsity
(5-22-2013) Miniblog #213: I Prefer “Forgive & Give Favor” to “Forgive & Forget”
(5-23-2013) Miniblog #214: John Piper, Twitter, Oklahoma Tornadoes, Etc.
(5-23-2013) A Prayer of Blessing for Unite InterVarsity at Baylor University
(5-23-2013) Broken But Resilient: I’m Already a Campus Pastor (Miniblog #215)
(5-24-2013) A Short, Open Letter to Rachel Held Evans
(5-30-2013) The Top 10 Things That Draw Me to the Evangelical Covenant Church
(5-31-2013) Finite & Fallen: Why Don’t Students of Theology Take That Into Account? (Miniblog #216)
(6-1-2013) Miniblog #217: Dear Fundamentalist Anglicans on This Side of the Pond
(6-1-2013) The Choice Before Me: Complement the ACNA or Clone the ECC? (Miniblog #218)
(6-2-2013) Miniblog #219: The Rolling Stones on the Efficacy of Prayer
(6-3-2013) Miniblog #220: I’m a Pastor, But Don’t Treat My Wife Like a “Pastor’s Wife”
(6-4-2013) I Don’t Believe God Has a Cookie Cutter Expectation for All Women
(6-6-2013) Miniblog #221: Anglican Student Ministries at Baylor University
(6-6-2013) Miniblog #222: I Wish People Would Stop Reading between the Lines in What I Write
(6-10-2013) My Ecclesiastical Search: No Decision But an Important Realization (Miniblog #223)
(6-11-2013) Cut the Pious Crap and Technical Jargon: Here’s How I Define Sin (Miniblog #224)
(6-12-2013) Could I Feel at Home within the Anglican Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast?
(6-14-2013) Pretty Sure I’ve Been Dealing with an Embryonic Form of C-PTSD
(6-15-2013) Miniblog #225: Is the Difference between Eastern & Western Christianity Overplayed?
(6-16-2013) Miniblog #226: A Visit to an Orthodox Church Made Me Want to Recommit to Anglicanism
(6-17-2013) Miniblog #227: I’d Like to Be Known for Being Reasonable
(6-17-2013) I’ve Decided to Recommit to the Anglican Church in North America
(6-18-2013) An Explanation of My Church Bracket Decisions
(6-20-2013) Miniblog #228: A Balanced Commendation and Criticism of LeBron James
(6-24-2013) Apology Comes Naturally: This is Both a Strength and a Weakness (Miniblog #229)
(6-25-2013) Miniblog #230: Traditional Christian? Yes. Traditionalist Christian? No.
(6-26-2013) Challenging the Implicit Right of Taking Offense
(7-1-2013) Man of Steel Was Great… for a Superman Film.
(7-2-2013) God & Country: An Unexpected Ending to an Online Discussion
(7-3-2013) Debunking the Fourth: Top 10 Unsightly Facts about the American Revolution
(7-4-2013) As an Anglican Christian, How Do I View Independence Day?
(7-6-2013) Pro-Christendom and Post-Christendom: The Watershed Point of Contemporary Christianity (Miniblog #231)
(7-7-2013) Miniblog #232: A Top 10 List Regarding Intellectual Courage
(7-10-2013) Historiography 101: History Is Not the Past; All History Is “Historical Revisionism”
(7-14-2013) Miniblog #232: I Believe in a Fundamentally Different Faith Than Most Christians
(7-16-2013) Miniblog #233: Ironically, Experience Causes Me Not to Affirm the Wesleyan Quadrilateral
(7-17-2013) Senator Jim Inhoffe: The U.S. Constitition Is Not Divinely-Inspired (Miniblog #234)
(7-17-2013) Imperfect and Unrefined Reflections on Authenticity vs. Inauthenticity
(7-20-2013) My Theory of the Seven Leadership Styles
(7-22-2013) Miniblog #235: Biblicism, “The Bible Says…” & Pavlov’s Dogs
(7-23-2013) Miniblog #236: Still an Ambivert But Moving Into Introversion Territory
(7-24-2013) A Sad Reality: We Can’t Care About Everything That’s Worth Caring About (Miniblog #237)
(7-26-2013) Miniblog #238: Finally Identified My C-PTSD Trigger
(7-28-2013) Miniblog #239: The Thing I Dislike Most About Christianity
(8-1-2013) Miniblog #240: Reflections on the Widespread Misinterpretation of The Godfather Trilogy
(8-4-2013) Ministry Announcement About InterVarsity & University Abbey
(8-6-2013) Why University Abbey? A Ministry Helping Those Who Are Busy Serving the 99
(8-7-2013) Miniblog #241: How Has Baylor’s Civil Rights Bus Tour Influenced My Life and Ministry?
(8-8-2013) Miniblog #242: People Are Phony & Superficial, But Facebook Isn’t Innately That Way
(8-9-2013) The Berean Method: I’m a Square Peg Who Finally Found a Square Hole (Miniblog #243)
(8-10-2013) Muddying Up the Waters: Reflections on the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
(8-14-2013) Needed: A Statement on Biblical Inerrancy By a Top-Tier, Postfoundationalist Theologian
(8-15-2013) Miniblog #244: Why I’m a Postfoundationalist
(8-23-2013) The Growing Societal Disinclination Toward Protecting Religious Liberty
(8-25-2013) Reflections on Leadership: Anyone I Follow Must Readily Look For and Admit Mistakes
(8-26-2013) Miniblog #245: A Clarification of University Abbey’s Position on Gender Roles
(8-27-2013) N.T Wright: What is the Gospel?
(8-27-2013) Conceptual Framework: The Discourse of affirmation vs. the Discourse of inquiry
(8-29-2013) Miniblog #246: Huh. Turns Out I’m More Contemplative Than Sacramental or Liturgical
(9-3-2013) Miniblog #247: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
(9-4-2013) Miniblog #248: Looking Back on Who Ended Up in Vocational Ministry
(9-8-2013) Miniblog #249: Five Things Became Clear During This Weekend’s Retreat
(9-9-2013) Miniblog #250: The Two Kinds of Reformed Christians
(9-11-2013) My Top 10 Flaws & Weaknesses as a Leader Generally and a Campus Pastor Specifically
(9-12-2013) Just Don’t Tell Me to Quiet My Mind: Coming to Peace with Contemplative Spirituality
(9-15-2013) Miniblog #251: Reflections on Lectio Divina
(9-17-2013) Miniblog #252: How & Why Pentecostalism Left Me Extremely Skeptical
(9-19-2013) The Greatest Commandment: Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength Together (Miniblog #253)
(9-20-2013) Miniblog #254: Mark Noll on Aiming to be a Biblical Christian in the United States
(9-21-2013) Miniblog #255: Why I’m Suspicious Toward All Political Partisans & Ideologues
(9-23-2013) Preaching as Pointillism: My Homiletical Preferences, Principles & Aspirations
(9-25-2013) Miniblog #256: Mark Noll on Negotiation, Discussion, and Compromise in Politics
(9-25-2013) Miniblog #257: Why Don’t More College Students Seek Out Mentors?
(9-27-2013) Entering Post-Evangelical Faith: No Longer the Sort of Christian I Once Was
(9-28-2013) The Gospel Is Not Jesus’ Death on the Cross: Don’t Episode I the Bible (Miniblog #258)
(9-29-2013) Why Not Sola Scriptura? My Reason for Not Affirming the Historic Reformation Principle
(10-1-2013) Gerald Bray’s ‘The Faith We Confess: An Exposition of the Thirty-Nine Articles’ (Miniblog #259)
(10-2-2013) Why Was the Cross Delayed Thousands of Years? The Question that Plagued My Faith
(10-3-2013) A Complicated Foundation: Why I Struggle So Much with the Christian Faith (Miniblog #260)
(10-5-2013) Miniblog #261: Richard Mouw’s Idea of “Two-Way Exegesis”
(10-6-2013) What Do I Believe? Well, Let’s Start with University Abbey’s Statement of Faith
(10-7-2013) Tim Keller Responds to “What Do Christians Have Against Homosexuality?”
(10-8-2013) God as Him/Her: Brief Thoughts on the Gender Pronoun Issue (Miniblog #262)
(10-9-2013) The Best Compliment of My Life & the Ministry Philosophy It Illumined
(10-10-2013) On the Difference Between: Self-Awareness & Self-Criticism
(10-15-2013) Miniblog #263: Why I’m Almost a Pacifist
(10-16-2013) Imago Dei & Fall Part I: What Does It Mean to Be Made in the Image of God? (Miniblog #264)
(10-17-2013) Miniblog #265: Should Pastors Have to Earn Our Respect?
(10-18-2013) A Ministry Lesson: Learning from the Night Politics Took Priority Over Truth (Miniblog #266)
(10-23-2013) Anglican Brokenness in Waco, TX: The Story of Why My Life Has Been So Hard for Three Years
(10-26-2013) Miniblog #267: Episcopanglican?
(10-27-2013) Top 10 Life & Ministry Lessons I’ve Learned Through Three Years of Heartache
(10-28-2013) Miniblog #268: Cutting Myself Off from News of Anglican Happenings
(10-29-2013) Miniblog #269: Yes, I’m Angry. And That’s OK. There’s Nothing Wrong with Anger.
(10-31-2013) Appreciation, Reflection, Repentance, Prayer: The Fourth Annual Reformation Day Miniblog
(11-2-2013) The Christian Faith Made Impossible
(11-3-2013) Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Joining the Anglican Church in North America
(11-4-2013) Miniblog #270: Embracing the Misfit Label
(11-5-2013) The Anglican Church in North America’s Baby Boomer, Wartime Bishops
(11-6-2013) Miniblog #271: Learning the Most Important
(11-7-2013) Miniblog #272: I Truly Hate the Process of Psychological Healing
(11-7-2013) Pious Bullshit: When Anglican Bishops Say, “With All Due Diligence.” (Miniblog #273)
(11-7-2013) No More Unrequited Love: Goodbye, Anglican Church in North America
(11-9-2013) Miniblog #274: The Value of Religious Rituals and Other Symbolic Acts
(11-11-2013) Miniblog #275: The Troubling Phenomenon of Faux Reconciliation Among Christians
(11-12-2013) Miniblog #276: Wanting to Let Go of My Faith
(11-15-2013) Miniblog #277: Moving Forward
(11-16-2013) Dan Martin Was Right About Hallowed Bovine & Being an Institutional Outsider
(11-17-2013) Miniblog #278: Reflections on University Abbey, Sacred Cows & Non-Negotiables
(11-19-2013) Hope Anew in the Gospel: Respond to Abuse & Betrayal with Even More Raw Transparency
(11-20-2013) The First Step to Ministering to My Generation: Millennials Like Batman, Not Superman
(11-21-2013) Miniblog #279: Why I Pulled Down A Month’s Worth of Blog Posts and Facebook Statuses
(11-21-2013) Miniblog #280: Was the “Malleable Principle” in 1 Corinthians 9 Intended to Be Universal?
(11-23-2013) Truth as Priority #1: The Reason I Became an Atheist & Returned to the Faith
(11-24-2013) Coming Out of the Doctrinal Closet: I Affirm an Open View of God’s Sovereignty (Miniblog #281)
(11-25-2013) Miniblog #282: I Love That University Abbey Doesn’t Get Bogged Down on Secondary Issues
(11-25-2013) Greg Boyd: What Is Open Theism?
(11-26-2013) Stop Sucking at Life, Dang It: The 30 Day Habit Plan to Turn My Life Around
(11-30-2013) Miniblog #283: Why Do Some People Grow While Others Remain Static?
(12-1-2013) Miniblog #284: I Don’t Believe Every Christian Should Be An Armchair Theologian
(12-1-2013) Miniblog #285: I Disdain Beaten Paths
(12-2-2013) Miniblog #286: UA’s New Approach to Scripture Reading Is Just Old & Crazy Enough to Work
(12-4-2013) Miniblog #287: Politically, What Kind of Church Would I Feel Most Comfortable Attending?
(12-7-2013) Miniblog #288: No Longer Bearing the Weight of Guilt for Not Starting My Day with Prayer
(12-8-2013) Miniblog #289: John Cleese on the Conditions Conducive to Creativity
(12-9-2013) On the Difference Between Dignity & Respect (Miniblog #290)
(12-10-2013) Miniblog #291: Recommending N.T. Wright’s Book, ‘After You Believe’
(12-11-2013) Mapping How Americans Talk
(12-12-2013) Miniblog #292: Why I Don’t Particularly Value Rote Memorization
(12-15-2013) God’s Sovereignty & Human Responsibility: Again Refreshing My Outlook (Miniblog #293)
(12-16-2013) Miniblog #294: Pope Francis Isn’t a Marxist. He’s Just Criticizing Secular Capitalism’s Greed.
(12-17-2013) Five Years and Counting: An Update on My Estranged Relationship with My Only Brother
(12-19-2013) The Day Barney Died
(12-20-13) Miniblog #295: Some Wounds Never Fully Heal
(12-22-2013) Miniblog #296: Developing Emotional Teflon Toward Angry Anglican Priests


(1-4-2014) Millennials Arising: The Beginning of a New Covenant Vision (Miniblog #297)
(1-5-2014) Miniblog #298: Stop Ruining the Reverent Gravitas of the Eucharist with Cheesy Music
(1-7-2014) Spiritually Bipolar: Weaving Together House & High Church Elements in Communion (Miniblog #299)
(1-8-2014) Laziness: The Reason Why We Shouldn’t Value Everyone’s Opinion Equally (Miniblog #300)
(1-9-2014) Satire Inspired by the Polar Vortex: Weather, Climate & Kindergarteners
(1-10-2014) Miniblog #301: I Don’t Believe in Being Nice
(1-13-2014) Miniblog #302: Why I Don’t Trust Nice People
(1-15-2014) Miniblog #303: What Happens When Bill Maher Talks to an Intelligent Christian
(1-16-2014) Miniblog #304: Wrapping Up the First Semester of University Abbey
(1-19-2014) Dear Clayton: An Open Letter to My Brother Regarding Reconciliation
(1-19-2014) Miniblog #305: Taking Responsibility for My Part of the Estrangement with My Brother
(1-19-2014) What Do I Admire About My Brother?
(1-20-2014) Miniblog #306: The Motives Behind My Distance from My Brother
(1-20-2014) Miniblog #307: Shouldn’t Personal Conflicts Be Kept In-House?
(1-21-2014) I Was Raped As A Child. That Influenced Me.
(1-22-2014) Freedom through Violence: The Real Reason I’m Not a Full-Fledged Pacifist (Miniblog #308)
(1-23-2014) The College Paper I Wrote About My First Visit to an Anglican Church
(1-24-2014) “What Now?” Rather Than “Why?”: I’ve Never Struggled with the Problem of Pain
(1-26-2014) Reflections on Subtle Christian Spirituality: Pray Without Ceasing – Part I
(1-30-2014) Interview with Jon Foreman of Switchfoot
(2-1-2014) Miniblog #309: After a Decade of Searching and Gleaning, Has the Time Come for Creating?
(2-6-2014) Birthday Resolution: Double Down on Being an INTP (Miniblog #310)
(2-8-2014) Dismissing Donald Miller as Self-Absorbed Is Too Easy And Deflects the Real Problems
(2-9-2014) Introducing “Anapiscopanglican” Christianity
(2-12-2014) Miniblog #311: What University Abbey Is Not
(2-12-2014) Miniblog #312: Unintended Consequences of Disengaging the Evangelical Sub-Culture
(2-14-2014) Cap’n Passive-Aggressive: The Reason I Don’t Give Casual Hugs Anymore (Miniblog #313)
(2-16-2014) Miniblog #314: Getting Tired of the Cultural Over-Saturation of Homosexuality
(2-16-2014) Miniblog #315: The Challenge of Regaining Trust in Severely Broken Relationships
(2-18-2014) Is Masturbation (Innately) Sinful?
(2-20-14) Miniblog #316: Ever Wonder If You’re Living the Book of Job?
(2-21-2014) Livid at the Evangelical Sub-Culture & Its Epidemic of Sexless Marriages
(2-22-2014) Miniblog #317: A Reminder About Why Transparency Is So Important for Christians
(2-23-2014) The Importance of Thinking About Sex Now: A Response to Single, Evangelical Women
(2-24-2014) The Top 10 Accusations About My Recent Sex Posts (Miniblog #319)
(2-24-2014) “The Talk” Is Inadequate: Parents Should Have The Talk Part I & Part II (Miniblog #320)
(2-28-2014) Sexual Creativity Doesn’t Always Reveal a Corrosive Influence from the Porn Industry
(3-1-2014) Miniblog #321: Yes, Basic Sexual Compatibility Is Essential Even for Evangelical Marriages
(3-2-2014) Miniblog #322: There Are Consequences to Sexually Rejecting Your Spouse
(3-3-2014) Miniblog #323: Damn Pope John Paul & Damn Pope Benedict. I Will Never Be Roman Catholic.
(3-4-2014) Crazy Pentecostals Video: I Was Just Like the Unamused Kid in the Front Row
(3-6-2014) Miniblog #324: This Visit to Minnesota Has Been an Experience in Fatigue Archaeology
(3-7-2014) Miniblog #325: The Surreal Juxtaposition of Grandpa Dying & Dad Starting Chemotherapy
(3-7-2014) Miniblog #326: The Vital Necessity of Sharing a Similar “Marriage Vision,” Especially About Sex
(3-8-2014) Top 10 Assorted Thoughts from Last Night
(3-8-2014) Miniblog #327: The Key Is That Each Spouse Should Focus on the Other’s Sexual Needs
(3-10-2014) Grandpa Has Died: The Paradox of Celebrating New Life and Mourning Old Death
(3-11-2014) My Greatest Fear: Having Been Sexually Abused, I Will Become a Sexual Abuser
(3-12-2014) Miniblog #328: The Cold War Never Ended?
(3-13-2014) In Marriage All Sexual Decisions Need to Be Made By Full & Mutual Consent
(3-16-2014) Sex, Marriage & Implicit Orthodoxies: Losing Friends Because of My Recent Blog Posts
(3-17-2014) Reflections on the Experience of Watching Grandpa Ben Wither Away in Hospice Care
(3-17-2014) Miniblog #329: My Response to Mark Driscoll’s Apology & Aspired Change
(3-18-2014) Is Sex an Obligation in Christian Marriage? What Are the Sexual Grounds for Divorce?
(3-19-2014) Neither Left-Wing Nor Right-Wing. Doesn’t That Leave the Fuselage? (Miniblog #330)
(3-21-2014) Miniblog #331: Learning to Take Care of Myself
(3-25-2014) Miniblog #332: A Theory About Why My Personality Has Been Changing
(3-26-2014) Miniblog #333: Joy Without Peace
(3-27-2014) Miniblog #334: Announcing a Significant Shift Here at “Musings of a Hardlining Moderate”
(3-29-2014) Miniblog #335: Spiritual Growth & Sustenance Is About More than Bible Reading & Prayer
(3-30-2014) UA Social Experiment: Why Must We Always Make an Excuse for Quality Conversation? (Miniblog #336)
(3-31-2014) Miniblog #337: John Walton on How We Should Interpret Noah in Genesis 6-9
(4-3-2014) Miniblog #338: An Exhortation for Dealing with Hurt & Pain in This Paradoxical World
(4-4-2014) Miniblog #339: Why Not Elevate the Conversation Instead of Highlighting Stupidity?
(4-6-2014) Miniblog #340: University Abbey’s New Three-Week Rotation
(4-12-2014) Miniblog #341: A Healthy Christian Community Will Inevitably Challenge the Business Model
(4-15-2014) Miniblog #342: Helping Baby Boomers Understand How They’re Now Perceived
(4-16-2014) Reasonable Proposal: Pay Student-Athletes or Don’t Use Their Likeness (Miniblog #343)
(4-18-2014) Miniblog #344: Why I No Longer Default to Addressing Priests as “Father”
(4-21-2014) Chronologically Listened Through The Beatles’ 12 Albums, Then Ranked ‘Em
(4-26-2014) Following Christ: The Paradox of Self-Criticism & Self-Grace (Miniblog #345)
(4-29-2014) Miniblog #346: Appealing to Subjectivity Is Taking the Easy Way Out
(5-1-2014) What on Earth Is “Eastern Anapiscopanglican Christianity”?
(5-5-2014) Miniblog #347: The Past Must Be Remembered Before It Can Be Overcome
(5-8-2014) Miniblog #348: With Boundaries in Place, I’m Finally Upgrading to a Smartphone
(5-14-2014) Stars in the Margins: Philip Yancey Quotes from ‘What’s So Amazing About Grace?’
(5-15-2014) Miniblog #349: Theology at Its Very Worst and Its Very Best
(5-22-2014) Stars in the Margins: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ‘Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Christian Community’
(5-27-2014) Honesty or Forgiveness: Choosing Between Atheism and Dispensationalism
(6-6-2014) Good News & Reflections: Doctors Cannot Find Cancer in My Dad (Miniblog #350)
(6-7-2014) Miniblog #351: University Abbey Has Been God’s Means of Grace in My Life
(6-9-2014) Miniblog #352: A Condemnation of “Homeless Spikes” and the Ruthless Spirit Behind Them
(6-10-2014) Stars in the Margins: Anne Morrow Lindbergh Quotes from ‘Gift from the Sea’
(6-12-2014) People Keep Telling Me to Exercise Restraint, But I Don’t Think That’s the Biblical Model
(6-14-2014) Miniblog #253: Reflections on Power Dynamics, Blogging, Fear, and the Internet
(6-17-2014) Leaving the Timberwolves, Joining the Spurs: The 12 Reasons for My Fan Conversion
(6-18-2014) Miniblog #354: Confessing a Major Mistake from My First Year as UA’s Campus Pastor
(6-24-2014) Miniblog #355: Reconsidering the Spiritual-Psychological Dynamics of Space
(6-30-2014) Skepticism Toward Frequent Appeals to Direct Revelation from God
(7-1-2014) Sixth Annual “Debunking the Fourth”: Top 10 Unsightly Facts about the American Revolution
(7-2-2014) My Five Thoughts on the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Decision
(7-7-2014) Miniblog #356: In the Words of Tupac Shakur, ACNA, I Ain’t Mad at Cha
(7-9-2014) My Life Philosophy: Speak Up, Step Up (Miniblog #357)
(7-11-2014) Miniblog #358: Stop Saying the Current President Is the Worst Ever
(7-14-2014) Miniblog #359: University Abbey’s Policy Concerning Conflicting Political Beliefs
(7-14-2014) Am I a Feminist? That Depends on More Than the Mere Definition.
(7-16-2014) Stars in the Margins: C.S. Lewis Quotes from ‘The Four Loves’
(7-17-2014) Miniblog #360: Stop Using the “Wrong Side of History” Rhetoric
(7-20-2014) Why I Suck at Cooking
(7-20-2014) The Counsel I Gave to an Ordinand Who’s Considering Leaving the ACNA
(7-22-2014) Miniblog #361: The Myth of Early Church Persecution? (Part I)
(7-23-2014) Miniblog #362: Building God’s Kingdom By Pointing Spiritual Nomads in the Right Direction
(7-28-2014) Miniblog #363: I Disagree with Henri Nouwen’s Idea of “Learned Ignorance”
(7-29-2014) A Response to Ed Hird’s Blog Post Entitled “Yoga: More Than Meets the Eyes??”
(7-30-2014) Miniblog #364: On the Difference between Development and Progress
(7-31-2014) Miniblog #365: Reflections on Matt Redman’s “The Heart of Worship”
(8-2-2014) Miniblog #366: The Expectation for University Abbey’s Campus Pastors
(8-4-2014) Miniblog #367: Continuing the Process of Reconciliation with My Brother
(8-5-2014) Needed: Being Able to Discuss the Behavior of All Parties Involved in Domestic Assault
(8-7-2014) Miniblog #368: Trying to Be Local in a Globalized Society
(8-9-2014) Miniblog #369: The Meanings of Prophecy and What I Mean When I Say “Prophetic”
(8-11-2014) Stars in the Margins: Henri Nouwen Quotes from ‘Reaching Out’
(8-18-2014) Life Lessons from Bishop John: Men, Is Your Vice Wealth, Power or Sex?
(8-21-2014) Trying to Figure Out How to Embrace Critical Thinking While Rejecting Judgmentalism
(8-28-2014) Miniblog #370: Doubt As a Christian Virtue?
(9-1-2014) Miniblog #371: Just Shut Up About Presidential Vacation Time
(9-4-2014) Miniblog #372: My Nomination for the Greatest Scene in Cinematic History
(9-10-2014) Reframing the Spiritual Life: Growth as Cyclical Instead of Progressive
(9-11-2014) Miniblog #373: The Certainty-Doubt Spectrum
(9-16-2014) Miniblog #374: Unsolicited Thoughts About Parents Spanking Their Children
(9-18-2014) Miniblog #375: Thoughts on ESPN, the NFL, Domestic Assault & the Narrative of Progress
(9-20-2014) Thoughts on Deleting Facebook Comments
(9-26-2014) Miniblog #376: The Time Has Come to Retire “Musings of a Hardlining Moderate”
(9-30-2014) Miniblog #377: The Weight Loss Journey
(10-1-2014) Miniblog #378: Four Tips on How to Be a Better Follower of Christ

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