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  • Bobby Mitchell

    Dear Friends,

    Perhaps you all might find something interesting at I welcome your comments.

  • El Comandante

    I relaly enjoy your blog. I’m in the Episcopal Church but I enjoyed your blog a lot.

  • Suzanne Joyce

    Life-long (67 years) Episcopalian who may not be a “Christian”, depending on what day you ask me, who firmly believes that the so-called cleansing of the temple would be a pleasant day’s picnic if Jesus wandered into most any church in the world, I find my self stuck between loving the liturgy, pomp & circumstances of a traditional Episcopal church and wanting to say “screw you” to most anyone who wants to tell me who, how and what to believe. I discovered this article because I was trying to find out if potted plants were OK instead of arranged cut flowers according to the rules of the church ! Now, how weird is that ? Basically, I believe in a God who created us and gives us what we need to live a soul satisfying life, even if we don’t recognize it. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, the Great Spirit, Kid Rock as Rock and Roll Jesus — who cares ? Just as long as we are able to learn to not be so conceited that we think that we created God. A chair is as much a religious symbol as the greatest cathedral. I could not possibly look at a tree, and some strange blackish stuff and think —AhHa! I can cut down that tree and use that other stuff to make nails, and cut and polish a little and have something more comfortable than a rock as a seat. So, what’s the big deal with virgin births, angels, life after death — whatever. That chair is a bigger miracle any day. What I do know is that God has taken care of me all my life and He will take care of me the rest of it and afterwards. That is not my problem as long as I try to love others as myself. I also know that I am not to judge or deliberately hurt anyone. Those of different skin colors, religious beliefs, sexual orientation are no more or no less than I am. “Christians” who choose to follow the Old Testament rather than the New Covenant that Jesus proclaimed, I have trouble understanding. But, unless they choose to hurt, kill, denounce, etc., those who Jesus told them to love, I just stay out of their way. As a sad side-note, I cried Wednesday night as those who call themselves Christians killed Troy Davis. Mr. Davis was arrested, tried, convicted, and executed just as was the man whom so many of the same people call Lord & Saviour, without real proof or honest witnesses. Even if I had thought that I saw Troy Davis shoot Officer McPhail, I am not God and I could not vote to put him to death. Again, judgement like that is not my job. Well, thank you for an interesting read and a chance to rant. My daughter lives in Athens, GA, and next time I visit her, I think that I will drop by the house. Suzanne Joyce

  • Rob
  • Brit Nor Am Free

    Whilst doing a search for references to my blog, I found that I had made a comment on yours. Unfortunately, it has been removed by you for some reason. Here’s what’s left of it in the search results I found:

    “Dear Blogging Christians, Dare to be Different | Musings of a … BritNorAm Freedom. Ten good points. See also a related article by the Rev. R. Alcorn: http …”

    En Agape,


  • DavidAFrench

    Found you through your post on post foundationalism. Following your blog now. Very cool. Lines up with similar thoughts and conclusions I’ve come to reading Popper lately.

  • Daniel Thueson

    Hey my brother,
    I just wanted to check on you. It seems you have disappeared from FB and UA online. You have added a new blog today, and I love what you said. I hope you are finding God’s peace and love in your corner of the cosmos.

    • carsontclark

      Feel free to email me.

  • Richard

    Hello, Carson! Mike Morrell asked me to contact you because he really appreciates your blog and thinks you’d be an excellent candidate for his Speakeasy Blogger Network. Do you like to review off-the-beaten path faith, spirituality, and culture books? Speakeasy puts interesting books in your hands at no charge to you. You only get books when you request them, and it’s free to join. Sign up here, if you’d like:

    • carsontclark

      I’m definitely interested…

    • Richard

      That’s great Carson. It really is a wonderful service. Hope you’ll check it out!

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