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Miniblog #133: I’d Like to See Simon Cowell Moderate A Presidential Debate

by Carson T. Clark on October 4, 2012

C’mon, who among us wouldn’t make this switch? It’d be amazing.

No offense to Jim Lehrer, but he clearly lost control of the first Romney-Obama presidential debate. Of course, this isn’t unusual. It seems this happens every election cycle. And that’s precisely why I’d like to see Simon Cowell, or someone with a similar personality type,¬†moderate a presidential debate. It’ll never happen. Both campaigns would be terrified. But it sure would be great to see a moderator who steadfastly refused to let the candidates shirk the agreed upon rules and uses witty barbs to keep them in line. How great would it be to watch Simon chide, “I’ve heard quite enough you cantankerous windbags. You will stop these infantile attempts to passive-aggressively bully me and you will cease the mindless drivel by directly answering the questions”? Tell me what voter in the country wouldn’t watch that. As an aside, forgot all those second-rate comedies like Bullworth and Man of the Year about candidates who are actually honest. Borrrringgg. That theme has been played. What I’d love to watch is a movie about a popular, curmudgeon moderator who doesn’t put up with the politicians’ crap. Now that’d be an awesome film.

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