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Miniblog #141: A Confession of Personal, Unintended Sin This Election Season

by Carson T. Clark on November 3, 2012

This election season has been one of intense emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wrestling for me. In addition to heartache from a broken relationship within my family, I’ve sought to discerningly figure out what it might mean to resolve my adjective-noun confusion by intentionally living as an American Christian rather than a Christian American.11.The cry of my heart has been, ‘One God–Father, Son, and Holy God–as you are united, so help your Church to be united. And soon-to-be shepherd, help me to protect and guide your flock rather than abuse and mislead them. May I no longer be an instrument of division but of unity in and for your Body. Help to never put a stumbling block before the Gospel, never letting my political beliefs or national citizenship deter the lost from finding You.’ My heart has been in the right place. Yet this morning I became cognizant of my unintended sin. Each week in the Anglican tradition we pray the act of contrition. It’s an examination of conscience. It varies a little but we all pray something like, “We have sinned against You in thought, word, and deed, by what we have done and by what we have left undone. We have not loved You with our whole heart; we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves. We are truly sorry and we humbly repent.” It’s the “left undone” part that has cut me to my heart. I’ve been so concerned about struggling through what not to do that I’ve neglected what I ought to do.22.In this way, my political participation this election season hasn’t been more passive than active, but it has been more negative than positive. What I should have been doing was my part to encourage Election Day Communion. In its simple way it perfectly models everything I’ve wanted to be this election–ecumenical, gracious, hopeful, humble, instructive, proactive, prophetic, thankful, and worshipful.33.I don’t know who’s behind it, but I offer an appreciative tip of the hat. Through this post, I’m hoping to do my small part in encouraging others to participate. For Christ’s sake–I mean that literally–please consider attending an election day communion service. Ground your heart, mind, soul, strength, and care for your neighbor in what really matters: Love for God.44.I hope the organizers don’t see this as a one-shot deal. With such great infrastructure and branding in place, I hope Election Day Communion will continue to crank out material of this sort between elections. It could be an amazing service to the American Church. Two final things. I’d encourage all who read this to Like Election Day Communion’s Facebook page and here are some memes you might find helpful:

  • Kurt Willems

    Excellent thoughts bro. I’ve actually been endorsing this event for a bit now and agree… it communicates what the church should so desperately should be representing this election season. And, to your “not knowing who is behind this,” here’s the story:

    2 Mennonites and an Episcopalian (a spiritual relative of yours).

    • Carson T. Clark

      Thanks, man.

      Yeah, I just read that story. Good stuff.

  • RoamingCatholic

    I had not seen this whole montage of pictures. It’s amazing!

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