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I’ve Been An Idiot: Five Politically-Related Thoughts I Should’ve Made Clear Months Ago (Miniblog #142)

by Carson T. Clark on November 5, 2012

They say that hindsight is 20/20. Whoever “they” are, they’re full of crap. Spend a day in any history department for ample evidence of this. Nevertheless, the larger point that things tend to become clearer with time is largely sound. After months trying to figure out why on earth I was saying A and pert near everyone was hearing B, I figured something out. <– I’m quick like that. Lots of unnecessary confusion could’ve been avoided if only I’d of explicitly stated my presuppositions. In other words, been clear about the way I mentally frame things. yyyyyyyeah… should’ve done that. There are so many impassioned people, convoluted issues, and entangled identities, it’s little wonder so few picked up what I was puttin’ down. Oh well. Better late than never, I suppose. Here are five politically-related thoughts I should’ve made clear months ago:

  1. Regardless of socio-religious and political pressure, I on principle won’t bifurcate the world.
  2. Regardless of party affiliation or political beliefs, I wouldn’t vote for a Mormon candidate.
  3. Regardless of who the candidates might’ve been, I’d be casting a blank ballot this election.
  4. Regardless of the issues facing the nation, my primary concern is the Body of Christ.
  5. Regardless of the election’s outcome, I’m confident the world will go on.
  • Leo Staley

    One of the most useful skills in all the world is being able to articulately distill one’s position down to its barest components. I like these points, and resonate with them, but for me myself, point 2 is actually pushing me just to the point where i’m gonna actually vote.

    Cue all the people who will agree (are disagree) with me, thinking I’m telling you to vote.

    • Carson T. Clark

      Wait… for… it…

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  • Rebecca Osborn

    I’m surprised at #4. Is that because with our political climate, any two candidates would have been horribly divisive, personally and otherwise? Or is that on some other principle I haven’t heard yet?

    • Carson T. Clark

      I find it odd that you’re surprised by #4, as it would seem perfectly obvious to me. Perhaps you understand something different than what i mean. How do you interpret it?

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