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Greg Boyd: What If Violence Is Necessary to Protect a Loved One?

by Carson T. Clark on December 14, 2012


  • Erik Pasco

    Yes. This.

    Why are the options only to do nothing and kill the other person? Also, maybe if the person who is trying to hurt your family was loved more maybe (there are still crazies) they wouldn’t get to the point of murder.

    To be honest, I personally don’t think it is right for a Christian to take the life of another person made in God’s image. If I ever was forced to take another’s life, I would have sinned against God and would have to seek his forgiveness. That’s how I feel about it. It was fascinating reading about Bonhoeffer and his own struggles with being involved in the plot to kill Hitler. This issue/debate reminds me of reading his biography.

  • Chad

    He gives the answer most people are looking for at 2:21.

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