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Top 10 Things I Love to Hear from Intellectually Honest, Humble Christians

by Carson T. Clark on April 29, 2013

*Adapted from a Facebook status update on 4-10-2013.

10. I meant well, but I’ve been wrong about that.

9. I’d like to offer a little good-natured push-back.

8. While I still disagree, I have a better sense of where you’re coming from.

7. I let my experiences and emotions get in the way of the facts. My bad.

6. Wasn’t aware of that (fact, logical fallacy, etc.) before. Thanks.

5. Huh. Hadn’t thought of that before. I’ll have to consider it.

4. I stand by the content of what I said, but the tone wasn’t gracious. Sorry.

3. I’m confused but don’t want to assume. Can you please clarify what you mean?

2. Yeah, my perspective probably could use a little more nuance.

1. I’ve been thinking about what you said…

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