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Protected: I Was Raped As A Child. That Influenced Me.

by Carson T. Clark on January 21, 2014

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  • Pat68

    Painfully beautiful. Thank you.

    • carsontclark

      Thank you for your grace and compassion.

  • Marla Abe

    Thanks for your sharing…someone tried to break you, but you are whole now.

  • Beth Haynes Butler

    That must have been very hard to publicly share; prayers.

    • carsontclark

      Honestly, I don’t find sharing this to be hard at all. People knowing it isn’t difficult. It was the process of writing it that was emotionally hard.

  • David Alexander Marsilia

    This is a extraordinarily important topic, appreciate your willingness to share this very private part of your life, which you seem to have successfully moved past. Indulge me in passing on one of the best researchers in preventing these type of events from occurring to others: Carla van Dam Phd.

  • Tanya Thomas

    Thank you for sharing – I too was a victim.