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Miniblog #314: Getting Tired of the Cultural Over-Saturation of Homosexuality

by Carson T. Clark on February 16, 2014

Yesterday afternoon I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and stopped after 20 out of first 30 stories were about homosexuality. It was a full two-third: Sochi Olympics, DOMA, Ellen Page, Kansas legislators, Idaho legislators, Michael Sam, genetics, bakeries, Church of England, Uganda, Duck Dynasty, Pope Francis, Westboro Baptist Church… Ugh. Enough! I removed any and all such posts from my sight. I simply could not handle any more. The issue, of course, is not homosexuality in particular. Just this past Thursday while driving back from Tulsa I listened to an hour-long and quite thoughtful radio program about a sociologist’s new book on gay marriage. The conservation was captivating and thought-provoking. So it’s definitely not that I’m adverse to the whole topic. Rather, it’s the general over-saturation of any one particular cultural issue. It wouldn’t matter what the topic was. It could be a discussion of such personal favorites as the original Star Wars trilogy, the ’90s Chicago Bulls, the 16th president, Mark Noll’s The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, the importance of civil political discourse, boxers (dog breed), or Jesus himself. All things I love to discuss. If there were as many posts about any of those topics in my newsfeed as there recently have been about homosexuality, however, I still would find it irritating. It doesn’t matter what the specific topic is, I just cannot handle getting obsessive about it. There’s a whole lot going on in this big, complex world. Can’t we diversify our conversations a bit?

  • Pat68

    Somehow we’ve bought into the notion that everything is a big issue and it must be talked about. I guess that’s supposed to make up for our lack of actually doing anything about an issue. Rather, we talk it to death online as a way of showing our aware we are and how much others need to be concerned about the same issue.

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