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Crazy Pentecostals Video: I Was Just Like the Unamused Kid in the Front Row

by Carson T. Clark on March 4, 2014

See that unamused kid sitting in the front row wearing the light polo and the blue jeans? It’s like an out-of-body experience of watching my former self. Delightful! How much you want to bet he’s a critically-thinking introvert?

  • Pat68

    I’m surprised no one nudged him to get up and dance. Sometimes in group like that there’s a pressure to perform/participate.

    • carsontclark

      Yeah, I had that experience once or twice… a week.

  • James Bozeman

    He appears to be the only spiritually sound one in the bunch.

    • carsontclark


  • Ian Sansot

    I had a conversation with a pentecostal leaning person I respect. He said that he felt welcomed in a more, let’s say, active environment because he felt that he needed to be free to move a little bit when worshiping (and we’re not talking like the video here, we’re talking a much more tame atmosphere). I just remember thinking, ok that’s fair. But the opposite needs to be true too. I need to be a free and comfortable sitting or standing in place without moving because I think moving around a bunch is super weird.

    • Ian Sansot

      Also, that music!

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