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Protected: Sex, Marriage & Implicit Orthodoxies: Losing Friends Because of My Recent Blog Posts

by Carson T. Clark on March 16, 2014

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  • Brendan Payne

    Edit for second to last sentence: think you wanted to say “loathed by the left-WING and right-wing alike”…

    • carsontclark

      Indeed I did. Thank you.

  • PercyDovetonsils

    Carson, you might want to explore this thought: that the so-called progressives/feminists actually adhere to the old Victorian idea that women are the nobler sex and as such, their views are more moral. Complete claptrap, but when their actions and statements are viewed with that idea in mind, much of their motivation comes into focus.

  • Sarah

    AMAZING POST. I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and I am so glad you’ve been posting on this topic. Not only have I had to ask the exact same questions that you have been posting about but I have come to some of the same conclusions. I echo your disappointment though in not being able to safely share my views with others. Being a PK, I have learned not to talk about these things with my sisters/mother etc. because it would just lead to, not exactly shunning but a gap between us none the less. But thank you so much for writing! It’s so wonderful to know there are others with my point of view out there.

  • Brendan Payne

    Reminds me of GK Chesterton, remarking in Orthodoxy that Christianity seemed to him to be at once to bright AND too dark, too fat and too skinny, both of every pair of extremes. At first he thought this made Christianity simply a particularly hideous religion — too fat in some places and too skinny in others — and only later realized that it seemed that way because its critics were on every extreme, and Christianity was the only sane and healthy one, firmly in the center.